A second-order confirmation bias

I'm going to begin by diving right into a super current politically charged topic that one hears discussed quite a lot nowadays, although this is far from a motivating example for me and the idea I'm using it to lead into has been in my mind for a long time. This particular political topic feels way overused, but the potential biases involved are so clear to demonstrate that I can't resist. Anyway, let's just start there and get it over with.

So, how 'bout that Trump and his dealings with Russia.

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Some rough thoughts on transness, pronouns, and other things

It would appear that 2018 hasn't gotten off to a great start for this blog. Last year I managed to get down in writing a lot of thoughts on topics I'd been carrying in my head for quite a while. I still have a few more big, general ideas I want to put into words, but it seems that during the last few months I've been very easily distracted by whatever specific controversy passes within my radar (as well as with work and other things), and I can never find the necessary focus to get around to writing what I had in mind. I have had a draft of an essay on the particular hotly-disputed issue of transgender rights and pronoun preferences sitting around since I think sometime in January, and I've decided finally to polish it off a little and turn it into this blog post. Read More...